There is little doubt that Jaylor mixer wagons are the best on the market.  
We spent years researching feed mixer wagons to add to our product line and Jaylor kept coming
up as the most reliable, practical and tough mixers on the market. Suffice to say we were happy
to be granted the dealership for the far south coast of NSW. With the backing of PFG Australia
(one of the largest and most progressive Agricultural machinery distributors in Australia) and a
great specialist after-sales team we are confident you will be happy with a new Jaylor wagon in
every way.  
The importance of livestock nutrition is something any professional farmer takes very seriously.
With a large array of options available for obtaining the correct or most beneficial feed rations
means the addition of a Jaylor mixer wagon allows you to mix and chop your grasses, grains,
liquids, vitamins and minerals etc into an ideal mix and feed it out quickly and efficiently, day after
day, year after year, knowing your Jaylor will perform when you need it.   
JAY-LOR     Mixer, feedout wagons
These machines are robust and well built using quality components with simplistic, clever design.
The Patented vertical twin screw mixing system is not only very tough but it mixes quickly and thoroughly using the least amount of horsepower.
Like our existing Jaylor customers you will be impressed by these great work horses.